"Investigators at Confidential Private Investigators are dedicated professionals committed to providing our clients with personalised service and ensure complete and accurate investigations to fit their needs. We take every case seriously and use the best possible resources to resolve cases in a logical concise way. Our inestigations provude results that are precise, reliable, and accurate."


Over the years conducting Investigations we know that each investigation is unique and has its own nooks and corners we need to look into for facts!

To provide meaningful resuts, we work with out clients to get a better understanding of the subject's traits and behaviours.

Background Check

With access to databases that provide accurate information about a person's background, Confidential Private Investigation Inc can pull out any kind of information you need about a person's background. Apart from the digital databases, we may often verify the facts with Courthouse. To assure accuracy we cross reference the facts...

Private Investigation

Many detective agencies try to impress clients with high-priced super offices and glossy brochures, but I believe that rather than paying for those you are more interested in getting excellent, personal and confidential service.


Locate People

It is not out of the ordinary for people to lose touch with those they once cared about. Estranged family members often find that time heals old wounds, and as people mature through their lives they realize that there are few things in life more precious than family and friends.

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