Don't End up getting incomplete information! The argument that many websites assert is that they can have instant criminal background checks in today's world of instant contact and data at our fingertips. It is a false claim!
It is not that they want false and incorrect documentation to be provided, but basically because that not all record are computerised.

Federal criminal cases have, in fact, only been available publicly since 2005. A Certified Private Investigator at the Federal Courthouse must check in person for something previous to 2005. However, there are various reputable databases which provide details about the criminal history of an individual. These databases are not open to the common public. They are proprietary in nature and are used to uncover a person's real criminal background through law enforcement authorities, insurance firms and or private investigators.And even that, still, isn't enough. Some states could not have enter some of their cases into an open computerised framework.
Thus the investigator must go to the courthouse and perform investigation in order to get a full understanding of someone's criminal background.

Another concern is that the information given does not reflect the true essence of the criminal activity by merely depending on these unreliable Instant History pages. In certain cases, for example, a prostitution felony charge can be pled down to a Trespassing charge, or a DUI case to a Reckless Driving case. A database search would only reflect the criminal charge of which a person was eventually convicted, not what they were initially accused of. Again, in order to gain an accurate image of someone's criminal background, it needs a professional private detective to perform on-site analysis at the Courthouse.

Our areas of Background check services include:

  • Background Verifiation
  • Criminal Records check
  • Pre-marital background check
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Sexual Offender Registry Check
  • Tenant Screening
    and more!


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