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Whether you are the husband, wife, or concerned relative, Confidential Private Investigations is here for you. Our professional private investigators are here for you to suit your needs. If you believe your spouse may be cheating or whether you just need peace of mind to move forward with your life we are here to serve you.

Whether you are in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach or anywhere in South Florida, you can rest assured that we are highly qualified and trained to get the job done for you. Don't be in pain or doubt any longer. Get the answers you need. We provide surveillance and background investigations too.

We also provide services in obtaining bankruptcy records, asset investigations, civil court records, criminal records, criminal records, divorce and custody records, driving records, federal criminal records, marriage and divorce records, social security records, and DMV records.

In addition, we also can provide services on divorce and custody, cheating spouses, locating heirs, locating long lost family, friends, and former military personnel, as well as telephone searches with our nationwide database.

Is a private investigator for you? Just realize this...we make sure that you remain anonymous and with your dignity in tact. Sometimes you JUST NEED TO KNOW...that's why we are here for you. Get your questions answers. Get the peace of mind you need.

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